Monday, May 3, 2010

Michael Miniatures George I - Complete!!

Well it is complete! I choose everything I paint based on some artistic or challenging aspect to the subject or casting. This piece offered a bit of everything and then some. I have enjoyed every minute like a book that you just can't put down. I will now let it set for a few days and then as always go back and revisit to find any little areas that need a bit more attention. Perhaps a crisper highlight here, a bit more shadow there or a second coat of Modelmaster flat acrylic over the blue. One never knows.


  1. amazing job! could I use the pics on my site?

  2. Thanks Aaron, yes you may. I tried to send you pics via e-mail last night but the e-mail bounced back saying your e-mail was full. Feel free to use the pics as you wish. Mike now has them as well. ~Jim

  3. Thanks Jim, we just landed back in NZ and had some email issues on the way but they should be sorted out now. I'll copy the pics straight off here,