Monday, June 28, 2010

Michael Miniatures Austrian Uhlan Officer Update #1

So here in update number one we have the bust as it stands after yesterday's painting session. Nothing you see here is complete at this point, with everything being either the first two layer's of color or a bit further along. There is enough blocked out that you can visualize how the bust will appear once completed.
A few notes about color choices are probably in order. The jacket started as a mixture of Daniel Smith "Sevres Blue" and a bit of Prussian Blue from W&N. Shadows were layered in with pure Prussian Blue and first highlights were added with Titanium White. All of this was done while the paint was still wet, blending as I went. After it dried I further shadowed the blue with a glaze of Prussian Blue and outlined the belts with this blue and a hint of Mars Black. Now that other colors have been added I will add further highlights to sharpen the details. The piping and color are initially a coat of Cadmium Red Deep with a touch of black. Again highlights and shadows will be added in the next steps. A base coat of Medium Cadmium Yellow was applied over a Vallejo flesh basecoat on the waist sash with Dioxazine Purple added to the shadows. The leather is in it's infant stages with an initial coat of Burnt Umber mixed with a tiny dab of Mars Black. I will now start to build the highlights using Mars Brown glazes on all the highlights. As always an initial coat of Gold printers ink is mixed with Burnt Umber to lay in all of the metallic lace and decorations. From this point on it's all in the details and the addition of the loose parts (Horsehair crest, pouch and chin-scales). My next update should be around the end of the week or this weekend.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michael Miniatures Austrian Uhlan Officer 1910

It's been a long time since my last post and to get things moving again I thought I would post a couple of status photos a week old from my latest project for Michael Miniatures. This is the newest bust, an Austrian Uhlan Officer, 1910 that can be completed to represent any one of the k.u.k. regiments 1-8 and 11-13 by use of the appropriate number badges included in the kit. This is another of the fine sculpts by Aaron Brown available in this great line of kits. These units were quite colorful and I am painting mine as requested in the colors of the 5th regiment represented in Mike's museum collection and shown in photos on the Michael Miniatures website. Stay tuned for more updates.
I started off slowly as I was having trouble getting just the right color blue for the jacket and was forced to paint it twice to get it right. The photo's look a bit brighter than real life but I feel certain that once I photograph the bust with a bit more paint on it later today that it will appear correct in pics.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joseph II Emperor of Austria - Completed

Things have been real slow since going to the MFCA show a few weeks ago (Thanks to everyone that I spent time with - it was a blast). Work in the yard and long hours at the job have kept me away from the bench for the most part but I wanted to get this piece done for Mike and clear the decks for another new bust that you will see start later this week, so stay tuned. These portrait busts from Michael Miniatures are a lot of fun to paint. The combination of great sculpting, interesting materials to represent as a painter and great subject matter mean real value for the money so don't hesitate to try a few of these kits for yourself.