Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration - Things that Rust, Age and Inspire the Modeler

So you say that you aren't sure how to duplicate that rusted vehicle or the burned out dilapidated building in your next project? Well thanks to my buddies at Massive Voodoo and their never ending desire to find cool stuff for just a few bananas we have this amazing site to inspire us all:


I know I will be using this site a lot. I have a few other sites that I follow that show old signs and buildings. "Ghost Signs" is another that offers a lot of really cool reference material both for structures, signs and obviously aging. Use these cool sites wisely!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Michael Miniatures Austrian Uhlan Complete

Well at last this bust is complete. I thought I was further along last post than I actually was. Those observant people out there will have noticed that my last post had a picture deleted shortly after being posted. I had misinterpreted the instructions and had painted the pouch completely in Moroccan Red leather when actually the pouch face has a silver plate. So now it has been repainted. Again, I love this bust and if this subject matter is your cup of tea I hope everyone out there will invest in a kit for themselves.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Michael Miniatures Austrian Uhlan Officer Update #2

Almost Finished! I know Mike will be happy to hear that for sure. I have been slower with this piece as the heat in my painting studio is intense and my daughter is visiting this month from Florida (I think she brought the heat with her). Off to Crystal Beach in Canada this afternoon and maybe I will be able to finish the bust tonight. It is a beauty and the closer I get to finishing the piece, the happier I am with how it looks. After looking at the color combinations available on the Michael Miniatures web-site I think it might be fun to tackle a second version a bit later on. I still have the black ticking in the waist sash to paint and a few more tiny details and highlights before I can say it's done.