Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joseph II Emperor of Austria - Completed

Things have been real slow since going to the MFCA show a few weeks ago (Thanks to everyone that I spent time with - it was a blast). Work in the yard and long hours at the job have kept me away from the bench for the most part but I wanted to get this piece done for Mike and clear the decks for another new bust that you will see start later this week, so stay tuned. These portrait busts from Michael Miniatures are a lot of fun to paint. The combination of great sculpting, interesting materials to represent as a painter and great subject matter mean real value for the money so don't hesitate to try a few of these kits for yourself.


  1. Great job Jim, I love the face. It was good seeing you a while back, don't be a stranger. ~Gary

  2. Thanks Guys, glad you like him. He was something different for me and I'm kinda happy with how he turned out. There are a few things I wish had turned out better but all in all I'm pleased. ~Jim