Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration - Things that Rust, Age and Inspire the Modeler

So you say that you aren't sure how to duplicate that rusted vehicle or the burned out dilapidated building in your next project? Well thanks to my buddies at Massive Voodoo and their never ending desire to find cool stuff for just a few bananas we have this amazing site to inspire us all:


I know I will be using this site a lot. I have a few other sites that I follow that show old signs and buildings. "Ghost Signs" is another that offers a lot of really cool reference material both for structures, signs and obviously aging. Use these cool sites wisely!



  1. Yeaha... spread the word about the owl! This site is so awesome... can't wait to get your links for our inspirational handshake :)

    Btw. I might could have some question about my USMC in the next couple of days - would you mind telling me what you think of it so far (mostly the historical background) when i'll come up with new Work in Progress shots? I would let you know for sure...

    Keep on happy painting!

    PS: And sorry, that the jungle is so fast lately - it is even hard for me to read everything, haha... just kidding, mostly i am typing all the stuff, but Andrea brought something back in my mind with his metal tutorial... someday, i'll promise to you and Andrea i will give it a go - it looks so good it just has to be done...

  2. Thanks Roman, I am the Ape and Monkey House's biggest fan at the zoo. You will find me in the Rhino enclosure.

    I would be happy to give any thoughts you ask for. It does my heart good to see the odd military figure/bust on the site. I love reading every single post, listening to the music and watching the videos. Thanks for turning me on to Remi. I laughed until I puked and then I marveled at the football trick shot video. ~Jim

  3. Roman, I added Ghostsigns so check it out if you haven'y ever seen this sight before. ~Jim

  4. Hi Jim, i am on the go at the moment, but will check this page by you tonight! Thanks a lot!

    I have posted the next steps on the USMC, also with additional thoughts of mine and questions... would be great if you find a moment ... it is more a question if i am on the right way or totally wrong as i do paint this guy up from impressions i get watching the HBO series, reading the books and searching for inspirational material... i am never sure when i do something historical... also i want to give him a sagged Lucky Strike in his mouth instead of the cigar...


    Best Regards and thanks in advance,