Saturday, August 21, 2010

EMI 5th Macedonian Legion Update #2

After a nice Summer slowdown I am beginning to find more time to get back to work on many of the projects that have been ongoing. As an update on this little one figure vignette from EMI of a 5th Macedonian Legionary in Egypt, I have posted these pics as it stands to this point. I have also been working on the groundwork and the shield/spear combo which I will show in the next posted update of this piece. This figure has been a lot of fun to paint. Below you will see a little photo montage showing the step-by-step for the leather on the figure.

For the leather on this figure I began with a layer of burnt Umber mixed with Mars Brown. After this had dried I gave the leather a wash with Mars Black. This brings out the stitching detail, folds and creases and the shadow areas where the leather pieces overlap. The next steps were highlighting with Mars Brown followed by Mars Orange and Yellow Ochre with a touch of Titanium White to "pop" the worn edges. I plan to do a bit more shadowing and some final "hot" highlighting once the rest of the figure is completed.

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