Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well, another MFCA show has come and gone and what an amazing show it was. The quality of work was high as always and the opportunity to share and learn with so many talented people made it all worth the trip. I find myself always inspired by what I see and the opportunity to spend some time with people like Greg DiFranco gave me some ideas for future projects. I have been pushed to play more with specialised lighting on my pieces as well as working more with non-metallic painting of armor. Greg was very encouraging and hopefully by the Long Island show in November I will have a knight or two with everything painted in oils. We shall see.

The opportunity to take my daughter (now 16 years old) to Gettysburg and MFCA was great fun. She has an artistic streak like her old man and is a history buff as well. Who knows where that will lead. I think meeting Keith Rocco and Ron Tunnison as well as having Greg teach her about his painting techniques with light and shadow on flats really made it all worthwhile for her.

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  1. Good to see you, and a treat to see the many pieces you brought for display. Best regards, Don Johnson