Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two new projects

I've got two newer projects on the bench at the moment along with the Saxons and two commissions as well as some box art. I thought I would share these figures as they are newer subjects and I am playing with two new techniques (at least for me). The first is Sir John de Creke a 54mm figure from Andrea that I have had for nearly 15 years in the drawer. The figure is based on an effigy that is fairly well known. As you can see in the photos below I am painting this figure over a hand painted colored basecoat which is something I never do. I was driven to try this on this particular figure as a more expedient method of basecoating than my method of masking the armor and spraying the figure white. Sometimes my masking agent can give me fits so I thought this might be quicker. So far, so good.

The second technique should be obvious to those looking at the figure below, especially for those who read my post immediately after MFCA. AS I said at that time, Greg DiFranco had challenged me to work on painting a knight in armor without the use of either metallic paints or polished kit metal so......that explains the total white primer coat. This project will be the source of many SBS posts so lets hope that all goes well (or at the very least is somewhat educational/entertaining). The figure I'm using is Gunther Von Schwarzburg a 54mm figure from Soldiers, sculpted by Stefano Borin. Should be fun.


  1. Jim, Glad to see you splashing pigment again. The "Greg Challenge" should prove educational, and most likely, very inspirational as well Good Luck! Don Johnson

  2. Thanks Don, yeah I am excited by the challenge from Greg. All he had to say to me was "I've never seen anyone try it before on a knight in full armor" to set the tone for this project. I have been studying both illustration of this subject and photos of current armor in different outdoor lighting conditions to get my research homework complete. Will keep everyone posted. Additionally the peacock feathers will be an interesting challenge as well. ~Jim

  3. Looking forward to see some true metallics here! Keep 'em coming! Best Wishes Roman