Monday, July 11, 2011

Soldier's Gunther von Schwarzburg - Update 3

So here we have Gunther's head in it's latest stage. I have begun working the highlights and reflections on both the helm and nasal using thinned glazes of Titanium White. In the case of the nasal a bit of Yellow Ochre was tinted into the white.

At the front of the helmet I began by applying the white to the lower edge of the helmet as well as the nasal attachment and blending upward. This was followed by a final thin line of white to pop out the edge. A line of of white was then applied vertically to the front of the helm and blended out to the right. Two hot spots were slowly worked into the left side of the helm and a bright white highlight was applied to the top. This same white was lightly brushed onto the mail ad stronger white spots were applied randomly to highlight areas to add a fake sparkle. The same vertical line on the helmet was taken down through the nasal giving continuity to the helmet's shading.

After I paint the lacing and leather holding the mail aventail I will move on to the arms, helm and torso.

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