Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Very Inspirational Blog Sites

I don't often promote other sites in a post unless I feel they have something unique to offer or are impressive at a level way beyond the norm. Two such blogs have recently struck my fancy. The first is a German blog by "Trull" (actual name unknown) entitled "Trulls Fantastische Welten". The focus here is on Architectural Models for fantasy gaming and dioramas and the work is absolutely brilliant. As an individual who feels that figures deserve more than simple basing to tell stories, this site appeals to me greatly. Check it out!

Trulls Fantastische Welten


The second site is a painter's blog like all the others but the work this individual is doing at the moment simply blows me away. "Praolo's World" focuses on the work of a Spanish painter (Alfonsito Prado?) as well as that of his friends and influences. His current project is Andrea's Henry VIII and I believe this to be the best version of Henry I have ever seen. Check it out!

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