Monday, December 5, 2011

And Then There Were Three!

So having shown two of the three busts I am painting yesterday, I now present the first of the three that I will be painting. This bust is in the same series and represents General Ritter Karl von Fasbender in the uniform of the 1st Bavarian Jager Battalion, 1916, Amiens. Again this is a very nice portrait piece in this series from Ulrich Puchala and the highlight for me is the detail sculpted on the Shako logo. I will be starting on this straight away and am really looking forward to seeing how I do with his likeness.

I think the likeness is quite good and I am told that Fasbender had a sparkle to his personality. The photo below is a later portrait of the man but still very helpful. Ulrich has given me some insight into all three characters so that I can work on capturing that in their portraits.

Again, my thanks to Ulrich for asking me to tackle these pieces.

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