Saturday, April 7, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry - Faces Completed

I have completed the faces of these two individuals and will now be able to turn to the uniforms and armor. An initial wash of black was applied to the mail on the second figure as well as a wash of Burnt Umber on the padded undergarment. I'm going for a dusty, faded desert look overall so lots of washes of browns and blacks will be applied to clothing elements prior to any application of further colors. It's all about the "feel" of the piece in the end.

I'm really happy with the faces on these figures. I have noticed a serious asymmetrical issue in the face of the first figure (eyes). Few if any humans are symmetrical in their faces but this guys eyes are a bit off. I notice it more in the photos than real life however so maybe it won't be as noticeable in the end.

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