Monday, May 7, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry - Update #3

A bit of an update on this vignette. I had started painting the groundwork for this vignette as a demo display for our local IPMS show in April. It is a little presentation I give every year. I had completed the base in stages to quickly show the layers of paint I use and the techniques involved. Well as usually happens in these cases, getting it home under the lights I was quite unhappy with the progress and so I started painting again. What you see here is about 50-60% complete, and I have added a few arrows for effect.

The arrows are simply made from thin brass rod with paper fletches added. The shafts have been primed and the arrows will get painted as the groundwork is completed.

The figures are in process with my current focus on the armor. As in the past with bronze lamellar armor I started with a base of gold printers inks mixed with Burnt Umber to take some of the brightness out and add a stronger carrier to hold up against the later washes and glazing. What you see below is immediately after the first wash of Burnt Umber.

 On this figure I have also painted his undershirt and started the trousers. The padded tunic under the mail has also been painted.

The trousers on this figure were also painted (a start) but really nothing else yet done. Both figures had the Burnt Umber wash applied to the leather bits (shoes and belts, etc.) to begin the process of developing the texture and depth.

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