Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry - Update #7

The shields must first be painted on the inside before attaching them to the figures. Roman shields of this period were painted on the inside and my desire is to create a colorful surface that is worn and dark from rubbing against the soldier's armor. The first shield was painted with a coat of Greenish Umber, the second with A coat of Cadmium Red Medium. Once dry a wash of Van Dyke Brown was applied to both to start darkening the wood grain and deepening the shadows. The first photo shows the base colors applied and the wash applied to the top half.

After the photo was taken the wash was applied to the bottom half. Once dry, I applied a layer of Chrome Green Deep over the shield to act as a "paint" layer. The second shield had Cad Red Medium with a touch Light Cad Red applied in the same manner.

Another wash, this time Greenish Umber and Mars Black on the green shield and Van Dyke Brown and Mars Black on the red, as well as shadow glazing with the Van Dyke Brown, Mars Black mix as shown below. In addition, a first coat of Mars Brown was applied to the leather edging of the shields.

A wash of Burnt Umber and Mars Black was applied to the leather edging, Mars Brown and Yellow Ochre applied to the stitching and highlighted with Yellow Ochre and White. Silver printers ink was mixed with black and applied to the rivets on the reinforcing bars.

Lastly, a line of highlight color was applied to the left side of each board. Once dry I lightly brushed Yellow Ochre and White from left to right on each shield to make it look as if the paint had worn off the boards of the shields.

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