Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alfred von Tirpitz - Ulrich Puchala Bust

I had recently completed prep work on the latest box art for Ulrich Puchala. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz in his blue Naval Uniform and distinctive forked beard. Painting has begun but I wanted to give a bit of background and show the raw kit primed.

Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz (born March 19, 1849 - died March 6, 1930) was a German Admiral and Secretary of State for the Imperial German Naval Office. His greatest claim to fame is taking a relatively weak German Navy and begining in the 1890's began developing it into one that could possibly stand against the British Royal Navy. The closest he came was a draw with Britain at the Battle of Jutland. He did however begin the German U-boat force that would become the thorn in the side of shipping from WWI right through WWII.

Detail is very nice throughout and the likeness has been captured to a tee. The kit consists of six pieces: Head, Torso, Left forearm with binoculars. binocular case and two part base column with iron cross motif. There were some areas that needed refining and a few air bubbles that needed filling. Ulrich's masters are quite nice and are occasionally let down by casting quality. None of these are issues that should ever stop someone from buying these kits as they are singularly distinct subjects that are a wonderful project once completed. I chose to assemble only two pieces (torso and binocular case), leaving the the remaining items to be painted seperately and assembled later.

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