Friday, November 23, 2012

EVD 60mm Ludus Doctore - Completed

This wonderful little figure is completed now, although I may well dirty up his pants a bit more. I have some subtle yellowing tone shifts around the leg hems but I'm not sure this is enough. Next up from EVD is the "Charon" gladiator grouping. I am also pretty excited about the new grouping from EVD as well, three Romans and an Egyptian "hottie".


  1. Great work on the dark skintone - I find it truely hard to recieve such good results when painting black skin ... love him and loved the series! Well done, Sir!

  2. Glad you like him Roman. All I have to say to you is "Come on dude, You can paint anything!!!"

  3. I enjoy your beautiful pieces. This is another example of your perfect style. Please show in future again more of your works.
    With best wishes