Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Something New - The Battle of Strasbourg 357 AD

My next little Roman project uses two Soldiers kits sculpted by Laruccia. The scene depicts two combatants at the Battle of Strasbourg (Argentoratum) in 357AD. The foot figure is SR49 a Roman Infantry Officer and the mounted figure is SR-63 a Roman  Cataphract (Scola Scutariorum Clibanariorum). The setting is just prior to the battle.
Strasbourg was a battle fought between the armies of Caesar Julian and the Alamanni tribal confederation under King Chnodomar in what is known today as Alsace France. The battle was a hard fought but decisive victory for the Roman Army. The Cataphract Cavalry didn't fare well in the battle so our cavalryman's smile will soon be gone.
This piece is just in it's infancy, especially with so many other projects on the burner (3 busts and two other figures). I am excited about this one though as I haven't completed a mounted figure in quite some time.

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