Saturday, December 4, 2010

Marcus Aurelius Completed - Photo Project

So as you can see, I have completed Marcus Aurelius. These images will give an idea how the piece looks. All of the shadows on the stonework were painted using a glaze/rub of Mars Black, heaviest by the feet, and thinning as it goes away from the figure.

Now I am challenged to get photos that help show the vision I have of the figure. Photographing miniatures is an interesting sideline to what we do. Getting a photo to look like the actual miniature can sometimes be daunting. I use a variety of backgrounds and frequently shoot a figure in front of them all in order to see how the color affects the image. After awhile you develop an understanding of how a selected backdrop will effect an image. Similarly, as you would expect, lighting position will also effect the outcome of your final image. In addition, what I see on my monitor is most probably NOT what you see on your own. Monitors have different color color settings, so what I see is adjusted to match what I think the miniature looks like and may well look all wrong on your own.

I will continue to play with the pics and if I get a definitive image I will post it. ~Jim


  1. AWESOME Jim! I really like the painted in cast shadows. The red on the column really draws the viewer to the figure. Cool stuff. ~Gary

  2. Thanks Gary, I'm happy with the figure, just not the photos. It's better in person and hopefully you and the guys will be able to see it soon.


  3. Can#t wait for the better photos, it looks even great on these ones. The shadow rocks the scene and as Gary mentioned the red column parts keep it at the miniature... big coloumn this is, but the reds are keeping everything together... i love the shadow! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman