Monday, November 22, 2010

EMI 54mm Villanovan Etruscan - Update #2

These pictures were taken earlier this evening after application of the first thin filter layer of shadows. These were applied using W&N Burnt Umber oils which are a very transparent color, allowing the warmth of the undertones to come through. Additional washes of Burnt Umber were applied to the hair and an outline of color at the sleeves, hems and boots to more clearly delineate the flesh from the clothing. After this is dry I will apply a further shadow coat with Brown Madder Alizarin and move onto the stronger highlight tones. In the meantime I can now start to paint the clothes and armor.

Here is the groundwork as it was looking Sunday night. I have worked all the deep browns and greens with one more shadow tone left to go before beginning to pick out highlights and details. I always like to paint the groundwork simultaneously with the figure to maintain consistent tonal value, usually with the figure attached. In this case the tree trunks wouldn't have allowed for good brush access so the two are painted separately.

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