Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Puchala 1/10th Ferdinand Graf v. Zeppelin - Update 2

Two very overdue reports on projects, the first being Ferdinand Graf v. Zeppelin. The first three photos below show the start of blocking in colors and subtle mid tone shading that doesn't really show well in pictures. The uniform is Prussian Blue with a bit of Indigo and Mars Black added. The reds are mixes using Cadmium Red Light, Medium and Deep with both the red of the cape and the blue of the tunic blended into the black on the bottom of the bust as a transition.

The three photos below show my continued adding of colored undercoats as I begin to build up my tones. More work has been done on the cape and the plastron of the Uhlan tunic. A mix of silver printers inks and Mars Black has been applied to the cords, tassels, crest, awards, sash and buttons as a base coat. I will apply some washes and glazes of black for depth and then start highlighting with the silver ink.

Deeper shading of the sash was done with the same orange and a bit of Prussian Blue to darken the color. These decisions are where a good knowledge of the color wheel comes in handy. I shade yellow with purple, orange with blue and green is used on reds as these colors are directly across from one another on the wheel. This allows for wet-on-wet blending where appropriate.

My next steps will be overall deep shadow tones before building highlights.

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