Sunday, February 5, 2012

WWI Busts Progress Report

I have been working on two busts from Ulrich Puchala's line of Imperial German subjects. The first is Ferdinand Graf v. Zeppelin in his uniform as General der Kavallerie of Uhlan-Regt. No. 19. Both busts are at about the same point with the flesh just completed and work beginning on the uniforms. I am a bit further along on Zeppelin. The photos below show the progression of flesh painting. Nothing new here and followers of my blog will know the colors used by now. Basically what you see below is mid-tones, shadow tones and final highlights in their stages.

The second bust is Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst v. Sachsen-Weimar in the uniform of General der Kavallerie des Karabinier Reg. 2. Same process as above. The uniform coat will be a wonderful mid blue.

From this point forward I will probably separate out the posts on these busts. With the flesh completed the focus on uniforms and equipment details will begin. My focus will be on one bust at a time until completed. 

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  1. Although I only paint wargame figures these days, this is still one of the most informative and enjoyable blogs around.

    Thank you.