Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry Vignette - Completed

At long last this piece is nearly complete. Except for some weathering on the shields and any minor touch ups required it is done. I really need the arrows to dry before getting anywhere near the shields with a brush. Just realized that I didn't over type the date so a new name tag is in order as well.

This vignette of The Battle of Resaena was quite a bit of fun despite the time required to complete. Enjoy!


  1. Love it~! The mail colour and the leather boot painting are cool~!

  2. Fantastic work, they really look great! I love them...

  3. Hello Jim.I very much like it and shareed it at
    My only reservation is towards that date 167-180.Battle of Resaina was fough in 243 AD and also their equipment is of this later date.Such details as their belts are of very characteristic typology for the 3rd century Roman army.

  4. Yes Pavel, you are correct. I made a mistake on the name plate and replaced it but never replaced this photo. I mentioned that in the thread under the photos. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos so much that you didn't read my comments ;-) Thanks again.