Monday, September 17, 2012

Madras Light Cavalry Bust - Update 1

Due to a number of personal issues I have been very neglectful of my blog postings lately (work and family). This means that there will be quite a few updates over the next 48 hours. I promised Steve at SK Miniatures that I would do a step by step on this very nice and colorful bust. I have been busy on it so there will be a lot to show and tell.

As always I started with the face. Due to the tropical climate, angle of the face and the helmet, to be added later, I wanted to go for very strong highlights and shadows on the face and hands. Once the helmet is attached I will go back in and further refine these details. I used Chrome Green Deep from W&N added to the flesh mix to create shadow tones while still working wet-on-wet. This is something different for me as I usually wait to do my shadows until the initial colors have dried.

My references for the coat show an interesting color of Sky-blue, something with a greyed out tone to it. I started by mixing Indigo, Cerulean Blue, a touch of Lamp Black and Titanium White for my base color. Lower portions were painted with Indigo and Black and the two areas were blended prior to painting the upper portions of the jacket. Deep Cadmium Yellow and Mars Yellow were mixed to create the facing color for the collar and cuffs.

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