Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ludus Doctore 60mm EVD

Every now and then a figure comes along that causes me to "re-order" the priorities on my workbench. Such is the case with the new releases in the ROMA series from EVD. Billed as 54mm these minis are really more along the line of 60mm plus. Depicting various figures from the Roman Gladiatorial Arena, these minis are quite naturally right up my alley.
After having released a series of figures in resin that will be the subject of future projects for me, a new release in white metal has hit the market and it was one that I wanted to do right away. Depicting a "Doctore" or trainer of the gladiatorial "Ludus" or school, our figure is an African subject holding the expected whip and gladius. He is wearing trousers with a bit of fur around the lower torso, as well as a form fitting leather upper torso garment. The figure is in a simple yet powerful and dominant pose. For this piece I wanted a symbolic but simple groundwork depiction, so I chose to depict the school's "palus" or training post.
Depicted below is a model of a "Ludus Magnus" from Rome as depicted in the Museo Nazionale Della Civilta Romana, one of the larger Roman Gladiatorial Schools.
The pole was fairly simple to create. I began with a simple pine dowel which was weathered by first drawing a razor saw's teeth across the dowel lengthwise. Then a hammer was used to mash one end to appear as if the pole had been driven into the ground. The dowel was glued in a hole that had been drilled in the base and wooden toothpicks were shaved to make stakes that would be used to help straighten the post in the school's training arena.
Epoxy putty was used to create the soft sandy groundwork and a stiff bristle oil painting brush was used to gently texture the surface prior to curing. The figure was pinned as usual using brass rod, for a strong attachment to the base. The whole base and post were masked and the figure primed as usual with white automotive primer.


  1. What a wonderful figure,I have to confess I thought of "doctore oenomaus" from Spartacus series wheni see it ! lol what a great pose what a great sculping definitive one more for the wish list.


  2. Glad you like him. This is a simple figure but a nice painting challenge for me in the flesh painting.

  3. Nice figure to work the flesh tones Jim. Good work on the base, the wooden post looks real. I follow.

  4. Nice figure to work the skin tones. Nice work on the base, the wooden post looks real.
    I follow