Sunday, January 27, 2013

Andreas Hofer - Ulrich Puchala bust

My second Ulrich Puchala project is the box art for this wonderful portrait of Andreas Hofer the Napoleonic era hero of the Tyrol region and an Austrian Historical Legend. Andreas was a Tirolean inn-keeper and politician who fought for Austria against the French in the "War of the Third Coalition". In 1809, he became the leader of a rebellion against Franco-Bavarian forces that sparked the War of the Fifth Coalition. He was subsequently captured and executed. For my painting research I am using primarily the three pictures you see below as they give a very good indication of skin tone and clothing colors. The dress is very distinctive, being representational of the region. This is going to be a fun project.
My apologies to Ulrich for the slow speed on this. Over the next few days you will see how far I have progressed and that this bust is nearly completed.

The kit consists of five resin components, well cast, easily cleaned, prepped and assembled. The primed piece is seen below. The hat has been left unattached to ease painting, and the whole has been attached a Ken Thomas Black textured base, wrapped with paper to protect from extensive handling during the painting process.

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