Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arthur de Richemont - Historicity Bust

Arthur de Richemont (1392-1458), connétable de France (1425-58) sous Charles VII,
Arthur III, duc de Bretagne [Brittany] (1457-1458) is the subject of this piece. Arthur was one of the "companions" of Joan of Arc and son of Jean V, duc de Bretagne and Joan of Navarre.
This third project is one that has been in my collection for many years, being one of Augie Rodriguez's "Historicity" portrait releases. After having produced so much of Augie's work over the years in my old Fort Duquesne line I loved collecting any and all of his work. The portrait below is of a much older period than that depicted by Augie, but the distinctive features that are represented can be seen clearly in both the painting and the sculpture.
At this point the face is nearly complete and the rest of the bust has received it's first layers of color. More to come.

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  1. Great looking figure, his face is really impressive!