Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Centurio Quintus Sertorius Festus - Update #5

So this is where our Roman friend stands at the moment. I have been plodding along getting the mix right and playing with a few ideas on the figure and felt it was time for an update. How I got to this point is shown below.

The armor had initially been given a dark wash to bring out the detail. Over this I applied a thin coat of Yellow Ochre to start the brass tones.

Additionally I began to paint the pants with Mars Yellow highlighted with Titanium White.

Yellow Ochre and Titanium White was then applied to the lower edges of the armor leaves to start bringing out the highlights.

Further highlighting with successively lighter shades of Yellow Ochre/Titanium White complete the effect as well as a few thin washes of Burnt Umber and Mars Black where the cloak will drape over the left arm and cover/shade the armor.

A glaze of Burnt Umber was applied to the pants to both create shadows and "dirty" the tone of the fabric. I was troubled by the similarity of the yellow pants and the armor. Mars Yellow and Titanium White with a wee tad of Burnt Umber were applied as highlight tones on the pants. Cadmium Red Deep and Extra Deep was mixed to start the cloth going from torque to torque around his collar.

Mars Brown was used to begin the armor's leather edging. A wash of Burnt Umber and Mars Black pull out the stitching details. The same mix was applied as a thin wash to the outline of the edges on his pteruges as well. The shoes started as Mars Orange, Mars Yellow and Burnt Sienna with Mars Black shading.

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