Monday, July 1, 2013

Pegaso Knight Hospitaller Bust - Update #1

As if I don't have enough irons in the fire I started a few other additional busts as well as Ludendorff so that I would pieces at various stages for my last painting class. This means I have way too many things on my workbench but I also have a lot to keep me busy and complete. All in all a mix of good and bad I guess.
The stages are self explanatory I guess, at least as far as the face goes:

The face was painted separately and then placed inside the hood once I got far enough along. The hood would have inhibited my brush work and the assembly is clean and easy.
The hood is black but cloth dyed as such would fade brown so I am working the basic undertones with mixtures of Burnt Umber and Mars Black to get the warm tones that I will eventually weather. I needed to paint the inside of the hood and the back of the bust where the shield attaches first so that assembly can continue.

The tunic is Titanium White and Raw Umber mixed and blended wet-on-wet for my initial tones.  

The next two photos show where the bust is at this point. I have yet to complete final highlights of the face but I wanted it in the hood so that I could better visualize the effects of light on the face when hooded prior to continuing.

The shield needs to be started prior to attaching to the back of the bust. I wanted a nice worn, dirty aged look to the wood, yet out of focus. This can be seen below.


  1. Thank you Phil, yes it is a nice face. A bit more detail to bring out and it will be finished.