Wednesday, October 9, 2013

El Greco Laconian Hoplite - Flesh and Cloth

Further progress on the flesh, hair, eyes and a basecoat of color for the cloth.
The face received shadow tones of Brown Madder. This has a slightly redder tone than my usual Burnt Umber. This worked well with the cooler flesh tone I had started with. The highlights are Titanium White with a touch of Cadmium Yellow Deep. The eyes started with a pinkish white base color for the whites with the corneas and pupils picked out in blacks and browns. The hair was started with Burnt Umber and Mars Black. Two layers of color have been applied at this point. A further dark shadow tone will be applied prior to my beginning to highlight and age the hair a bit.

The cloth was started with a coat of Deep Cadmium Red (Extra Deep from the old Liquitex line). areas of dead shadow tones were worked in while still wet with a touch of Mars Black here and there. This is far from the finished color as I will be working more towards a faded earthy red. This will not be a brick red nor a crimson/scarlet, but somewhere in between.

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