Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pegaso Knight Templar Bust - Completed

All Done!! So first let's get the name change out of the way. Up to this point the bust was going to be a Hospitaller but in the end he has become a Templar. Fairly straightforward. All the details are completed with the addition of the rope and the helmet strap tail. A bit of touch-up here and there and we are complete. Enjoy!
I have to say the challenges with this project were the armor (no metallic paints involved) and the cloak (achieving a worn, faded black).


  1. Very nice paintwork, Jim! Love what you did with that nice Young-sculpt! Keep on happy painting! Roman

  2. Wow.. no metallic paint used at all? Really? Seriously? Great work on this.. the rope and leather pieces look very real for this piece... congrats on this piece!