Thursday, March 27, 2014

President George Washington - Completed

Well, I have completed this wonderful new portrait bust of President George Washington, an upcoming release from Michael Miniatures and sculpted by Matt Springer. I feel this is quite an accomplishment for me as it marks my first use of acrylics on a miniature. I have been a dedicated and avowed user of oils for over 33 years but except for the face this miniature is all Vallejo acrylics. The experience had it's up and down moments but by the time I was done I had gone a long way to nailing down consistency of paint and how much load should be on the brush.

So much fun and the fastest piece I've ever done. I'm all excited and ready to start the next bust. I'm not sure I'm ready to use acrylics on a 54mm figure yet but we shall see. Enjoy, and more importantly buy one of these busts when they hit the market!

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