Saturday, March 29, 2014

Something is wrong with George! Completion #2

Something didn't feel right about George! I'm a professional and whether I'm painting for myself or doing a commission, it's gotta be right for somebody.

Well after talking with Mike at Michael Miniatures we agree that the bust needs something more. As I said before, this kit is meant to depict George as President. In an effort to make him more "civilian" in appearance I left the colors a bit monotone (blue) and we both agreed the bust needed something more. Thanks to the fact that this is really Mike's kit and that I am painting the box art for him, we were able to determine something that will add interest, a bit of pop and hopefully help people to want this kit even more. George has been depicted wearing the standard blue overcoat but with a red/scarlet lining that carries over to the collar as it folds over the shoulders. This harks back to his Generals coat and really makes this a more appealing paint job.

Now he is done. (I think)


  1. Not to mention that it incorporates red, white and blue ... colours of the American flag. Well done sir, well done! :)