Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kharkov Tiger Diorama - Figure #1

So let's talk about how the brain works (or in this case maybe how it doesn't). When last we spoke I was starting my Tiger diorama after many years of just thinking about it. This figure is the first of seven and my plans were to use it as a "teaching tool" for our twice monthly Monday night modeling and bulls**t sessions (don't want to offend the kiddies here). So there I was on night one with my primed figure, all my supplies, a great attitude and.....wait for it....... NO OPTI-VISOR. Now for you young ones out there that still have eyes that function properly you probably have no idea what I'm whining about but for most you will recognize my dilemma.

So we started in, and I mixed my paints and talked a great game but when the brush hit the paint I was in deep doo-doo. My friends were all "Ooh, it's really great" and "Don't sweat it" but the reality hit home when I got to my bench that night and put on my magnifying "eyes". So last week was spent fiddling around with glazes and such in the hopes that I could save the face. I never strip figures so fixing it was a requirement. By Monday night and round two I was actually quite happy with my work and by the time I got home and watched the Steelers kick Denver's collective butts, I had what you see in these pictures.

Now let's not talk about the fact that I damn near forgot my brushes Monday before I left the house......Nothing like getting old huh?
As usual everything is done in oils here. The face has the usual mix of Burnt Sienna, Cad Red Medium, Cad Yellow Medium, a touch of Yellow Ochre for the base, Cad Yellow Medium and Titanium white for the highlights. I used Burnt Umber, Brown Madder Aliz. and Aliz. Crimson for the shadows and color, with the original highlight mix used to pick out the final highlight tones. The helmet color is simply a base coat so far. I am doing a worn white washed helmet effect as I go. I'm trying a new technique for the worn helmet, so if it works I'll share as I go, otherwise I'll simply pretend it never happened.

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