Monday, November 16, 2009

Pegaso Mayan Priest Bust - Part 2 - Shadows

The more I work on this little gem the more I am enjoying it. I have been watching the temple scene over and over and picking out little details on the make-up used in the movie that I will be able to apply to the bust as I go on.
Now that my wet-on-wet flesh work had dried I was able to begin the shadows and highlights using glazing techniques. In these photos you see the shadow work completed. I used Brown Madder Alizarin for my shadows as the reddish tone to this "brown" compliments the basic flesh tones. The dark shadow below the necklace is where the rest of the jewelry will lay, hence the heavy shadow. I have also layed in the whites of the eyes. Now on to the feathers while the shadows dry, then on to the final highlights.

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