Monday, November 23, 2009

Pegaso Mayan Priest Bust - Part 4 - Update

I find that the middle stages of painting a figure can be quite frustrating due to the fact that in the beginning it seems I am getting a lot accomplished. The reality is that there is lots to do and this stage can be tedious at times. The real joy comes from completing little areas and seeing your vision coming to reality. I'm certainly not there yet on this one but I know where I'm headed so all is well.

Despite quite a bit of time involved on my part you may not see much different in these pictures. I start here with some work on the inner form of the hat. I am working toward a warm soft felt look and the brown you see is the beginning stages of that. I have also begun the woven crest piece that will be seen in front of the feather crest. This was painted with a wash of yellow ochre as a base and shadowed with Brown Madder Alizarin in the back where the feathers will be against the crest. A very light shadow wash of Burnt Umber was applied to the ring of white feathers on the top of the hat as well.

The feathers have progressed as well. The red feathers are ready for their final detailing and the addition of the iridescent overcoat. The blue feathers have received a wash of black to bring out their details and the tips of each feather have been touched with the black as well. I will now go in and bring out the blue with some Ultramarine blue and Titanium white. Once dry these feathers will also receive the iridescent treatment. I have attached the lower piece of his pendant necklace and given all the jadeite a wash of Raw Umber and Burnt Umber. My next focus here will be the headdress straps and the tattoos and scarification of the skin. Stay tuned because I am on a roll.

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