Friday, March 26, 2010

EMI 5th Macedonian Legion in Egypt

I have begun working on one of my older EMI kits. These kits in the Gladius line were what really got me started in the Roman subject matter as they were little vignettes in a kit and I always felt that put them a step above other offerings from manufacturers of the time. For those that never saw these kits EMI had a number of lines within their company's offerings, all based around themes, time periods or scale. The Gladius line were all sculpted by Adriano Laruccia of Soldiers fame and truly represented the owner of the company's area of interest. I remember him telling me that instead of putting his Roman figures on wooden bases he would use pieces of ancient Roman pottery as bases, pretty cool when you think about it. The figures were labled as limited editions but most can still be found if patient. The only ones I am missing are Caesar and Cleopatra GLC-05, Venetic Warrior GLC-04 and GLC-06 Votive sellers stall. The line also produced some single figures that weren't considered limited editions and sometime these are the hardest to locate. I have been wanting the very last in the line GLC15 for many years. This is a nice figure of Scipio Africanus in 54mm. If any of you have these kits and wish to part with them please let me know.
Anyway, this kit represents a East Roman Empire Stratiotes of the 5th Macedonian Legion in Egypt 540 AD (GLC-09). This is the backside of the Roman subject matter I like so much and with the recent release of so many Late period Roman figures from Soldiers I thought I would build and paint this piece as the outside end of the time period "bookend" of my Roman collection. Assembly was straightforward as always. None of the minor mold seams were very difficult to attack and using the usual needle files and sanding sticks as well as a quick buff with a soft brass wire brush the figure pits were ready in an hour or so. I have assembled most of the groundwork pieces included in the kit and attached them to a real nice Thomas Art Base that I have had for years. A little water was sculpted with A+B around the pier section and will be painted in oils along with the kit bits. All of the metal areas such as the helmet, shield boss, and mail shirt will be masked with Acrylic latex house paint and the figure primed for painting.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your Blog - having only just found it.

    The roman soldier on the pier diorama is very well done. I particularly like the colouring of the stone.

    I'll check back later.