Friday, March 19, 2010

How I Spell Spring - H+A+R+L+E+Y!!

Well it may be only 55 degrees outside and no leaves on the trees, but I know winter is over when I bring my bike home from storage. I keep it at the dealer all winter, warm and cosy. I took it for a spin in the country to blow out the cobwebs and all is right in my world.

Obviously this has no direct connection to figure painting but my attitude has improved tremendously so maybe it will effect my painting in a good way. Now I'm off to the painting table for the evening and we shall see. Eddie Izzard on ITunes Radio and a smile on my face.


  1. The spring is back - i can feel it everywhere... great to see you riding such a horse, when i will achieve your age and your wisdom i am sure i will try get one too... Sunny greetings from germany. Regards Roman

  2. Thanks Roman, now that I have her home the weather will turn to crap for the next few weeks no doubt. I could have gone out today but instead I was inside assembling and priming another new figure. Oh well! ~Jim

  3. Haha... yeah, that is our passion ... i wish you good and fine weather and some less miniatures while riding this baby ... that really makes me jiggle, after this happens really often to myself, planning to do this and that and finding myself back at the miniature workbench...