Tuesday, November 15, 2011

August von Mackensen - Completed

August von Mackensen is complete. I may well see some little things that need a touch up here or there but for the moment I can take my mind off of it and get some space for my mind to clear. I find this always helps to see areas that need fixing. After awhile you get to close to the piece and you miss details that need further attention. I loved painting this piece, I have a connection with the subject matter, the sculptor (Matt Springer) and the manufacturer (SK Miniatures - Steve Kirtley). Thanks to both for their help and interest in my work. Now on to Graf von Zeppelin, Wilhelm Ernst v. Sachsen-Weimar and Karl v. Fasbender for more WWI fun. Enjoy!

Label created using Microsoft Publisher, sticker paper and a little creative fun.

Uniform details.