Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst v. Sachsen-Weimar - Update

My work on this bust has been along the lines of making everything darker before lightening it back up it seems. In the process of working on shadows I decided the whole piece needed a darker feel. In the end this is going to work out well as there is a lot of little detail work that needs to pop out to be seen. The bandalier and it's belt are highly decorated in silver details and there is a wonderful texture that would only show up if made darer like this. The same holds true for the gold lace on the tunic. You will see what I mean when you next see this piece. I have also been lightening and detailing the plume of the helmet as well. The feathers are fluffy and not longer single feathers so it is difficult not to make it look more like fur. I'm still working on it. Stay tuned for more.

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