Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry - Finally Ready To Paint

So after all the time I have spent recently exploring my love of World War I and Imperial German subjects I am finally ready to get started painting these two figures. The base has been primed with Floquil "Dirt" as a base color to recreate the earth tone found in this part of the world. The figures have been primed as usual with automotive flat white primer. As can be seen, one of the figures will have mail and leggings that were masked prior to priming. I do like to use the base of the metal casting for these items.

Of particular note would be the use of the original SR-39 in certain areas as the basis for the creation of SR-60. This is particularly noticeable on the shield arms of both figures as well as the folds in the pant legs (left knee). These things will be less noticeable once the shields have been attached.


  1. Great to see the start here Jim. I'm on final stages of SR-39 & hopefully will finish this week.

    Excellent photos, face of SR-60 is sublime!


  2. Great to hear Mike. Yes, I'm finally getting a move on these. I've been so wrapped up with the busts and work that my painting on these was delayed. Onwards.