Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heavy Roman Infantry - First Painting Session

It was a nice evening to finally start painting these two figures. As always I began with the flesh on both. Here are photos of the full figures from a few different angles. If nothing else it shows the wealth of detail that Adriano gets in his 54mm figures.

These last two photos are close-ups of the faces at this early stage. I never cease to be amazed at the detail and character that Adriano can get in his faces. I have used my usual mix of Burnt Sienna, Medium Cad. Red, Medium Cad. Yellow and a touch more Yellow Ochre than I normally use. Once applied and the excess removed, the first highlights were added and then I started working touches of the base mixture mixed with Prussian Blue into the areas where you would expect some early beard growth. I then went back to work the highlights with more of the usual yellow/white oils. In the case of SR-60, I think this is the most work I have done wet-on-wet in a long time. Once I feel that I am starting to muddy the colors I stop but this face let me pull out the highlight blends longer than usual.

Once dry I will work on the shadows mouth and eyes before adding final highlights.

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