Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soldiers Gunther von Schwarzburg - Update #8

A bit of honesty here.....I love medieval subjects, but I HATE painting heraldry, especially the more detailed it becomes. This figure has a ton of lions, equally spaced all over the blue surcoat. I started painting them by using a mixture of Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Yellow Deep. This mixture is very transparent as can be seen in the photos, but makes a nice base outline for the heraldry. Not shown below is my progress today on these lions. The larger one on the shield is of a size that I can outline and delineate the lion with black oils. Fine lines from a very small brush!
These photos show the fence and shield on the base temporarily to see how everything is coming along. I am still painting the two items separately until the heraldry is complete.


  1. Darn nice colouring Jim, coming along sweetly.


  2. And that's the best way to approach it...start light, and build up the density from there.....did it with a heavy start, went pear-shaped from there.....

    Slow & steady....wins the race...

    Good, persistent pattern, good repeat on the lions (consistent!)