Thursday, April 4, 2013

Young Miniatures Roman Signifer Bust - Update #4

Large swaths of highlighted plate were brought out with an overcoat of silver printers ink that was softly stippled over those areas reflecting the most light on the body armor. The problem with printers ink is that it doesn't truly seal or dry. This would not be my first choice for duplicating the armor color but it is what I am experimenting with here so I will keep plugging along.

As an experiment I painted the armor plate that barely shows inside the fur pelt using simply white/black with a touch of Umber to warm the grey. Up close it looks like paint but when you look at the piece overall you can't see the difference between styles - a learning tool for the future?

Still dark but each stage gets lighter and brighter as I go.

More silver ink and the face has been completed in the highlighting department. I am toying with how to tackle more facial hair using the same technique I will use for hair on his arm at the next stage.

So now we have to work on the helmet, fur, arm and begin work on the Acquila or Signum (Still haven't made up my mind).


  1. Liking this, the skin has that suntanned/ mediterranean complexion,the armour, fur and grey effect of the inner armour all work, and your research on the standards is way better then some.



    1. Thanks Jamie, kind of you to say these things. I have quite a ways to go with this but hope it all turns out in the end.