Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Centurio Quintus Sertorius Festus - Update #1

Assembly and Staging

Assembly was fairly straightforward and actually quite well engineered. I have put together everything but the crest, right hand with grapevine vitis (cane) and cloak/sword halves. The latter items will be attached after painting has begun for ease of access to the figure's details. The cloak is divided in two sections. The first goes over the shoulder and attaches to the back of the arm. The second, front section attaches to the top of the arm and drapes down the side with the gladius being an integral component as well as a strong attachment point. I may well be able to attach the back portion first, paint the details and attach the front portion after the fact.

The transverse crest/plume will be attached prior to priming and paint, along with the hand and vitis.

The groundwork will consist of a section of Roman roadway and a mile marker, examples of which can be seen below. The core of this can be seen in the photos above. Sheet plastic was glued up in a block for the base and styrene cylinder and sheet used for the column. The roadbed will be made from epoxy putty as well as the column details.
These columns were marked with their respective distance from Rome as well as the consul (during the Republic) or Emperor in power at the time of the road having been built or other major involvement in it's history. The saying that "All roads lead to Rome" was based on the fact that these markers were placed and marked as they were. 

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  1. Very nice figure, and post...to be followed!