Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Centurio Quintus Sertorius Festus - Update #2

I always like to include a posting showing the project figures in their primed state. I think that taking the time to study a casting primed and ready to go not only helps to catch any missed areas that still need cleaning but also helps to fill the head with the small details. I like to formulate a plan of attack for every kit so that I can visualize the painting process and how I want to catch all of the details.

As in the past, I masked the areas of the casting that will be iron/steel/silvered so that I can work with the kit metal to achieve the most realistic effects possible. I use a typical liquid masking agent applied with a toothpick (easier to throw away than an expensive brush as you can never fully get the masking agent out of the brush.) in a thick coat for ease of removal after priming.
The road bed is A+B putty and the mile marker shown previously will be glued on the base after painting. A bit of static grass was glued around the gaps where the marker will go to give a bit of "age" to the ground, as well as a few loose leaves to put some seasonal color in the scene.

Lots of character and detail in this sculpt. I'm really looking forward to starting on this beauty tomorrow night.

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