Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kharkov Diorama - Figure #1 Part 3

Final shadows have been added in preparation for highlighting using a thick wash on Greenish Umber. This serves two purposes, the first being the deepest shadows and outlines for belting and equipment and lastly to bring the overall color of the parka back to it's proper greenish hue. As this wash is actually a bit thicker than a true wash it also leaves a grubby appearance on the cloth that will show up well as the dirty effect I was looking for after final highlighting. Now I can begin to turn my attention to other areas on this figure. I have also begun working on figure #2. Really when you get down to it my efforts on this figure will better define the techniques used on the other figures.
I have actually looked at figures from other manufacturers supposedly in the same scale as John's and have been really disappointed to see just how different people's visions of 1/16th scale really is. For figure painters scale doesn't always come into play. We think in terms of millimeter size and every sculptor measures that from either top of head, top of headgear or eye-line. However in WWII modeling when so many figures are matched to vehicles, scale is important. In holding up figures from various other manufacturers I see that none of them go well in scale with these figures or the Tiger kit. Do I really want more figures for this scene? Work wise, NO! However if it truly adds to the story or feel of the piece then, yes. In the end my mental exercise seems to have been resolved for me.
However I now have some very cool figures from other manufacturers that will look nice all by themselves on their own base. Currently I am quite excited by the figures that Jeff Shiu has available. He seems to be stuck on two subjects but so far I haven't had any complaint with the subjects chosen. His kits are well cast, affordable and he provides very fast service.

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