Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pegaso Mayan Priest Bust - Part 6

I have completed a few more steps on this bust at this posting. The most obvious is my work on the Jadeite decorations (Next post on this piece will show step by step completion of the jewelry). In addition I have applied the base color for the straps of the headdress, finished the tan banding and top piece of the headdress and, although not seen in these pictures I assembled the feathers as a unit and completed their paint work. As a side note on the feather assembly, it is heavy and I am concerned about how it will hold up once glued to the top of the headdress. I may well have to add additional pinning to make sure it holds up to movement once attached.


  1. Wow, really impressive bust ... looking forward to see this great piece finished! Regards Roman

  2. Thanks Roman, I'll be glad to see it done as well. I'm enjoying it but there is a lot more to be completed.