Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pegaso Mayan Priest Bust - Feathers Continued

The blue feathers were tipped in black and over coated with Daniel Smith iridescent blue. The red feathers are completed with a combination of washes using various cadmium red shades, cadmium maroon, black and over coated with D.S. Ir. red. These photos really don't do the feathers any justice and I may well attempt further photos after I complete the feathers all together. I have also completed work on the woven design at the top of the headdress.

The green feathers were striped with a mixture of Lamp Black and Prussian Green. Winsor & Newton Prussian Green is very transparent, so combined with the black it made just the perfect transparency to allow for subtle transitions in the stripes. I was really happy with these feathers at that point and the addition of the D.S. iridescent green just made it that small bit better. Now I am painting the off-white feathers in the front and will then mount the whole piece to the inside of his headdress.


  1. Looking great, Jim. I really like how the green feathers came out. The whole piece is really coming together well.

  2. Thanks Matt. If I had it all to do again I would figure out how to replace them with real feathers or make new ones out of paper/thin metal. They just aren't realistic in shape enough for the quality of the rest of the piece.