Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soldiers Roman Navarca Update #2

As of this evening this is where we are at on this figure. I have completed the face and removed the masking agent from the helmet cheekpieces. The final touches on the face consisted of final shadows with Burnt Umber, touches of Alizarin Crimson added to the shadows under the cheeks for color and onto the lips. This was followed (once dry) with highlights of Titanium White and Cad Yellow Deep applied as a glaze progressively whiter, and finally tiny catchlights in the eyes to add the final bit of life to the figure. You can see the progress combined in a triptych photo below. This same mix was used to highlight and shadow the arms, hands and legs.
I have also completed the shoes with the colors described in my previous post. This does not guarantee that they are 100% as once the figure is attached to the base I may well adjust the coloring further. I have also begun applying color to the greaves with a base tone of gold printers inks and Burnt Umber with a touch of Burnt Sienna added. To this I will apply shadows of Burnt Umber and Mars Black and highlight with the Gold printers inks. I use Grumbacher Oil Painting Medium #1 as a carrier medium for the inks. In addition I have attached the top of the helmet and applied a finish to the natural metal of the kit. In this case I applied a stippled layer of Mars Black oil paint to the polished white metal and allowed it to sit. After about two hours I used a bit of soft lint free cloth wipe off excess paint leaving a stain or patina that I feel appears natural for the helmet. Once dry I will be able to apply further shadows or other tonal values if necessary. I also used the gold ink on my pallet to paint the crest design on the upper front of the helmet. Finally I began painting the under tunic white by applying a mixture of Raw Umber and Titanium White, more Raw Umber in the shadows and Tit. White on the highlights. Once dry I will work the shadows and highlights more before applying the purple stripe to the cloth.