Monday, April 19, 2010

Boudicca Painting Demo

A week ago I put together a little painting demo for the local IPMS show. "BuffCon" is an annual event put on by the local Niagara Frontier Chapter I.P.M.S. that I would highly recommend to anyone in this neck of the woods. judging by the turnout each year it has maintained a wonderful following with people coming from Toronto to the North, to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse here in the States.
Anyway, as I said, I volunteered to put together a little display of my most recent work and do a little live action painting for the folks. I wanted to work on something large enough to see and since I had this old Ft. Duquesne figure primed and ready I decided to use it as a simple painter's figure for the demo. This is one of my old figures from the line I used to produce and it is sculpted by Mike Blank. I had primed it with the intention of painting it for display at shows on my table but somehow never quite got around to it. Mike did such a great job painting it himself and I had agreed to use his for the box art as part of the original deal so there it sat for all these years.
The face is painted in the usual way. The hair is started with Burnt Sienna but I will be going in to work on the shadows of the hair with Brown Madder Alizarin as a complimentary shadow color.
I promised the people at the show that I would post pics of the face once I got home and finished it so here it is. I will post more pics as I progress but it will be awhile as I have to now focus back on my other pieces that are beginning to pile up.


  1. Thanks for posting the photos, Jim. I got so fired up that I have just about finished two partailly done figures and primed a third. Not ready for the big time, but having a hell of a good time painting again. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. You know Eric It's great that you got something out of it. My daughter seemed to be inspired as well. I enjoy doing things like that and wish I could do it more often. Let me know if you ever need and help. ~Jim